'Devious Maids' Never Makes It on the Air - Would It Have Hurt Latinos?

The new Marc Cherry series, Devious Maids, starring a robust Latina cast of female leads including: Judy Reyes, Roselyn Sanchez, Dania Ramirez, and Ana Ortiz, has officially been rejected by ABC. The show, executive produced by Eva Longoria, depicted the lives of women who work as maids for rich families in Beverly Hills.

The pilot, which also featured All My Children’s Susan Lucci, wasn’t a favorite among some critics who felt that the premise of the show perpetrated an inaccurate and subservient stereotype about Latinos.

Longoria fired back at critics in a recent interview with Huffington Post by saying, “My immediate response is, ‘So you are telling me that those stories aren’t worth telling? That those people are lesser than…because they are a maid?’ That’s what angers me...especially within the Latino community.”

We have crossed a point where television shouldn’t be so black and white. While some believe that a show like Devious Maids adds some (much needed) diversity to the primetime line-up, others believe that it sends a toxic message about Latinos.

At any rate, it seems we won't be able to find out either way -- we're left simply wondering when the next dramatic series featuring a talented Latina cast will hit a primetime network again.

What do you think? We're you looking forward to this series? Do you think the title sends a bad message?