EXCLUSIVE: The 'Devious Maids' Take Us Behind-the-Apron

Ortiz: I hope it provokes conversations. Our goal is not to change things necessarily, but to open up that conversation -- to hold up a little bit of a mirror, maybe at times it is a funhouse mirror because there is a lot of comedy.

Edy Ganem: See people for who they are, not their ethnic background. I hope people’s eyes will be opened.  I think people will watch and enjoy it and look at us differently if they don’t already have a positive image.

Latinas aren’t the only ones working as maids, so what would you say makes a Latina maid stand apart from the rest?

Ramirez: Latina maids are more family oriented, more selfless. They learn in subtle ways about self-sacrifice and life, the things that matter like love and family. They know there are things that count more than personal accomplishments, jobs or money.

The cast is full of Latinas who are so well-known in Hollywood. What’s it been like working together?

Ortiz: It’s so empowering just being on set with these women, man! It’s sort of a dream. I’m thrilled when we have our scenes together.  It’s so natural, so easy, so funny, so truthful, and it’s just inspiring. I think each one of us has raised the bar for the other.

Ganem: I almost pinched myself when I was driving to the set. So many scenes with these women that I’ve looked up to for so long! I knew all these women on TV and film, I am still like, is it really happening? It might hit me when it airs. It’s really been a great learning experience working with everyone.

Judy Reyes: It’s the first time we’ve all worked together. We mostly compete for the same part, so we laugh about it all the time and recognize how blessed we’ve been.

What’s the relationship like with the five of you off-set?

Ganem: I developed a great relationship with Judy, but the one I hang out with the most is Dania. Judy, Roslyn and Ana all have kids so it’s harder for them to hang out after shooting.

What do you think viewers will love most about the show?

Roselyn Sanchez: It’s all in good fun. They’ll get to see things from the point of view of the Latino maid -- the way we are treated by rich people. It’s heightened reality. Each time, we push the envelope in a good way. We don’t want to be offensive.