5 Titles Marc Cherry Considered Instead of ‘Devious Maids’

Love it or hate it, Marc Cherry’s Devious Maids is on Lifetime for at least 12 more Sundays. Yet, we suspect the former Desperate Housewives creator didn’t always love the name, Devious Maids. Below are a few other titles and plots he might have considered. Disclaimer: Of course, this is all in fun. Laugh, coño!

1. Devious Maids Title 1

Title: 5 Broke Latinas

Synopsis: Set in New York City, the maids travel throughout the boroughs cleaning rich people’s toilets, raising their kids, and learning English by night via Rosetta Stone (because we all know maids can’t speak English correctly, right? SMH). Worst of all they live in Hipster Land Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

2. Devious Maids Title 2

Title: Mad Maids

Synopsis: A spinoff of the popular AMC show, Mad Men, this show follows the ups and downs of being the maids of high-powered ad executives. The most polarizing housekeeper is Don Draper’s Dita. She’ll clean your mess all right, but she also might mess you up. 

3. Devious Maids Title 3

Title: Game of Aprons

Synopsis: The maids, armed with a sponge, a bucket of water, and a Costco-sized Mistolin, tackle their biggest cleanup job to date—The Red Wedding. Not mention the other, ahem, bodily fluids they need to get rid of…yuck!

4. Devious Maids Title 4

Title: Breaking Pots

Synopsis: Latina Maids + Drugs = $$$$ & A Hit Show

5. Devious Maids Title 5

Title: How I Met Your Latina Mother

Synopsis: Fred is a lovable, caring, dorky, web developer living in the Windy City. So what’s the problem? His love life! Oh, to have 1st World problems! He can’t seem to find the perfect girl to settle down with . . . until he meets his mother’s new maid, Rosita.