What Did You Think of the Desperate Housewives Finale?

Well, our time with the Wisteria Lane ladies has come to an end. Did you catch the final two-hour episode?

(Spoiler alert! Don't read unless you've already watched. Or, well, plan to.)

In true Desperate Houswives fashion, the show ended with pivotal life moments: a death, a wedding and a birth. Karen confesses to killing Ramon, and then, because she's dying of cancer, she gets let off. Bree gets to breathe a sigh of relief and goes on to be with her lawyer-turned-love Tripp.

Tom and Lynette finally decide to get back together, and everything was right with the world, until Lynette gets a job offer in New York. Uh oh?

Renee gets married, Karen passes away, and Julie's baby is born. (Cue "Circle of Life.")

The final voiceover by Mary Alice gave us the closing we needed: Tom and Lynette moved to New York and raised six grandchildren; Bree married Tripp, moved to Kentucky and was elected to the state legislature; Carlos helped Gaby create a shopping website which leads to a move to California and a HSN show; and Susan ends up handing over her keys to a new resident who has some secrets of her own. Carlos Solis, in a nod to the very first episodes of the show, hires a female gardener (Hah!).

What did you think of the finale? Are you satisfied with the ending of the show?