Demi Lovato on X-Factor Role: Simon Cowell is "Intimidated By Me"

Demi Lovato spilled the dirt on Simon Cowell and her place on the judging panel of The X Factor on the TODAY show. While talking about her banter with the British judge, Demi remarked that Simon "is intimidated by me." She laughed and continued that even though Simon had called her a "brat," he is a great, experienced judge who knows what he's doing.

"Working on this panel is absolutely incredible," Demi said. When asked how she felt about Britney Spears' comments on Demi being "cooler than she is," Demi replied that it was "crazy" and "cool." 

"She's Britney-freaking-Spears," Demi laughed. 

As for her judging style? Demi admits: "When I sit on that panel and they ask me for my opinion, I will be very honest," she said. "And sometimes it may seem a little harsh, but I try to say it as nicely as possible. You know, sometimes it does come off harsh, because it's brutally honest and they don't want to hear it."

The second season of The X Factor premieres Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Catch the full interview below and let us know, are you excited for the season?

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