Demi Lovato in a Tough Position After 'X-Factor' Results

Demi Lovato was in quite the pickle as the X-Factor judge learned that two of the contestants from her team, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas, were in the bottom two -- leaving them singing for survival, reports People. After they performed, the judges had to vote to send one home -- causing things to become even more awkward!

"I'm shocked that either of them are at the bottom," L.A. Reid said. He voted to send Jennel home. Britney Spears did the same, but Demi voted the other way. "The act that I'm going to send home is Paige," she said. It was up to Simon to avoid a tie – and he picked Jennel. 

Next week, Demi will have to work with Paige, who she voted to go home. Talk about weird!

Demi told Jennel goodbye, leaving her with high praise. "You're so unbelievably talented and you have a future ahead of you so I'm not worried," Demi told her. "I love you and I really, really believe in you." 

After the show wrapped, Demi told People that it was not "an easy night" for her, and that Jennel didn't deserve to go home. "I genuinely think that Jennel is just more talented," she explained. "I think that Paige has a more star quality to her which is going to help her as an advantage. I think that Jennel definitely didn't deserve to go home, and I couldn't let her go home tonight." 

"As we get closer and closer to the end of this I've invested so much time," she continued, "so it is not like I am losing a contestant; I am also losing a friend that I worked so hard with over the last couple of weeks. It is kind of a blessing and a curse that I get so close to my contestants." 

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