EXCLUSIVE: Dario Medrano Talks Finding True Love On MTV's "Are You The One"

EXCLUSIVE: Dario Medrano Talks Finding "The One" On MTV's "Are You The One"

When it comes to love, Dario Medrano never had much luck. "Women have always been an issue," the Dominican-American told us. "They haven't been an issue in terms of finding them, but in terms of finding the right one."

Medrano, a student at the University of Rhode Island, auditioned for the second season of MTV's popular reality TV series Are You The One with one goal in mind: finally finding the right woman. 

Season two of Are You The One follows 21 people — 11 women and 10 men — living together in Puerto Rico in their quest to find the perfect match. MTV puts all the contestants through an extensive matchmaking process to determine —scientifically — who belongs with whom. If the contestants correctly identify all 10 perfect matches by the end of the series, they all win $1 million to split amongst them. As they say, all is fair in love and war — so things can get pretty loco on the island. 

We caught up with Dario Medrano to get the scoop on what he learned about life and love on season two of Are You The One: 

So, what made you decide to appear on Are You The One? 

I was always looking [for love] in all the wrong places. Even when I thought I had "The One", maybe two weeks later, she wasn't even in my phone anymore.

So, I figured I'd give it a shot with the show. Why not go with a scientific way of falling in love? I saw a little of the first season, and I saw that it worked. What better way to do it than on national TV? 

What was your family's reaction to you joining the show? 

Well, my mom didn't really take me seriously, honestly. I've always said I wanted to be on TV, and she kind of went along with it. About four months into the casting process — when I was getting the release forms — she really started taking it seriously. She was thrilled. She's happy for me, and she's really supportive and she wants me to do whatever my heart desires. 

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