Dania Ramirez Brings the Heat to ‘Entourage’

The sweet and funny Dania Ramirez spoke to Latina.com about her sexy new role on this season of Entourage (premiering June 27th at 10:30PM on HBO), what it's like following in Jamie-Lynn Sigler's footsteps and how it feels to be the face of CoverGirl.

Can you tell us about your character on Entourage?

I play Alex, she’s a super sassy, super cool, laid-back chick. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) opens up a car service company with hot girls as drivers, and I play one of the drivers. Alex knows that Turtle likes her so she kind of uses that to her advantage. They end up becoming business partners.

We hear they end up becoming more than business partners!
I end up being his love interest. Exactly how that ends up happening—I don’t want to give it away. It’s always a back and forth thing between us two.

How is it coming in as Turtle’s love interest right after Jamie-Lynn Sigler?
It has nothing to do with the Jamie-Lynn Sigler story line. I end his up becoming love interest, but I really start off as an employee. We end up being something, but it’s not love at first sight. 

Is your character going to be sexier than Jamie-Lynn’s?
[Laughs] Well, that’s the thing. I don’t think you can really compare the two. It’s so funny because I love Jamie. We did The Sopranos together! My character is definitely sexy.

What was the chemistry like between you and Jerry Ferrara?
We’re still having chemistry. I work with him tomorrow. [Laughs] The chemistry is great.

Were you a fan of Entourage before you joined the show?

Absolutely. Who doesn’t love the show? I get to work at HBO again, which I love because I have a little more leeway with scenes and lines and improvising and stuff like that. It’s a lot of fun.

What was the audition process like for the show?
When I first auditioned, I don’t think they were even going Latin. They were just looking for someone to have good chemistry with Jerry and that was the most important thing. I think the fact that I walked in and we knew each other—there was a level of comfort that made it work.

What kind of stuff are you currently doing with CoverGirl?
I just had my photo shoot for the next line, and I think the next set of ads launch in January. I’m having a great time making appearances—I just got back from Miami where I did an appearance out there for them. I’m a Dominican chick from New Jersey and I’m the face of CoverGirl! It’s awesome to be a woman and a Latina and to be able to be an example to a young girl who can see me achieve my goals and dreams and do it for themselves! I also get a bunch of free stuff [Laughs]!