EXCLUSIVE: Danay Garcia Talks Role on 'Fear the Walking Dead' & Fleeing Cuba in the 2000s

Danay Garcia/Fear of the Walking Dead Interview

Danay Garcia is a Cuban actress that is taking the world by storm. She is currently starring in the hit AMC show, Fear the Walking Dead, and just wrapped the first film that she has ever produced alongside Lou Diamond Phillips and Danny Trejo. From speaking to her, Garcia is a super bubbly and positive person so you wouldn't know that she had to flee Cuba in 2003 in order to provide a better life for herself and her son. We spoke to her about her new role and how she feels about the relationship between the United States and her country mending. 

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Talk to us about your character.

Her name is Luciana, she’s one of the main leaders of this colony in the middle of Tijuana, Mexico. The reason she becomes a leader is because her points of view on death are very unique especially in the middle of an Apocalypse. For example, she doesn’t see death as these people she has to run away from. She sees death as an evolution of us. So we protect them and they protect us from the humans, she sees it in a constructive way, a way that it doesn’t engage fear towards these people. She’s an out of the box thinker; she has that kind of warrior mentality. She sees the enemy as an evolution of life. It’s pretty out there. I gravitated towards that, She’s someone that inspires people to fight and hang on together. She’s a strong lady.

Would you say that you relate to her? How do you relate and how do you differ?

We relate in a way that I as Danay, have never felt that are things are impossible. For example, in the case of Luciana, when everyone runs away from something that terrifies them, at least visually terrifies you, in your mind it terrifies you. She turned back at it and dealt with it. I feel in my case, in any shape or form, anything that has terrified me; I’ve never gone the opposite direction. I usually stand and confront it. I completely understood her and her drive to get it right and sense of responsibility to stay despite of the fact we don’t know what will happen next. The way I got this job was a challenge because it happened so fast. That’s great example how I relate to Luciana.

What’s it been like for you to be filming with the rest of the cast?

I only have a shot with one of the actors from the main cast, Frank Dillane. The first day I went to set confronting every obstacle that could possibly come my way, not knowing anybody, I met him and he was full of blood on his face. Because I came to set with his stunt double, I thought it was he but it was the real Frank. Getting to know Frank and his commitment, was beautiful to watch and be part of that with him. I know he had a good time because we kept smiling, you can feel it when it’s the right fit for collaboration. He’s as excited and invested as I am, even though I just walked in. He’s super talented.

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