Dallas Recap Episode 4: 'The Last Hurrah'

A cow gave birth. That’ll probably be the scene that stuck out the most in last night’s episode of Dallas. Now, while we’ve seen animals give birth on other shows before (Grey’s Anatomy anyone? Season two: Meredith and that hot vet watching a horse give birth), this one just took it to a whole new level since there is, indeed, a surprising analogy to be found.

While Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) were standing next to the cow – waiting for that cow to moan perhaps – Christopher confessed that he and Elena (Jordana Brewster) were going to elope, but that she never showed up due to an e-mail she received "from him," which he never sent, that said he no longer wanted her. He went on to explain that after finding this out, he can’t stop thinking about her, but that he doesn’t want to do the wrong thing with his wife Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo). Bobby tells him that he needs to make a decision on his own, one way or another. And then finally, the cow moans! Yep, it’s still there and it’s under a lot of pain. The calf had punctured her uterus causing massive internal bleeding and could not be turned. Bobby wanted to cut the cow and save the calf, but Christopher wanted to take the cow to the vet to save both it and the calf.  But there was no time for that, so Bobby said, “If you wait too long, you’ll lose them both.” See the parallel? If Christopher waits too long, he’ll lose both Rebecca and Elena. Who knew birth could help in the matters of love? In the end, both the mami cow and baby cow survived. Could this be a clue as to what is to come? 

Elsewhere, JR (Larry Hagman), diabolic as ever, was plotting blackmail schemes to cut John Ross (Josh Henderson) of a deal to get the ranch back.  With the help from a private detective JR showed Marta (Leonor Varela) (who is actually Veronica Martinez, a bipolar woman with two arrests for stalking her ex-boyfriends) photos of John Ross and Elena getting cozy with each other. While sipping a cup of champagne mixed with Lithium, she agreed to rework the Southfork deal so JR would get land back to himself. Does anybody else imagine JR getting up in the morning, standing in front of the mirror and twirling his eyebrows up while practicing his devilish face?

And like father like son, John Ross was doing his part in blackmailing Christopher’s wife Rebecca claiming that she had sent that e-mail to Elena. She denied it, but agreed to do whatever he wanted her to do. JR told John Ross that in order to blackmail Lobell (Richard Dillard)(blackmailing seems to be a thing in Dallas) into closing the deal, they would have to catch his son (played by Jason London) doing drugs since he had had two felony drug possession charges against him. John Ross gave Rebecca the task of getting a picture of him doing the drugs. In the end she could not deliver, but not to worry, crazy Marta came in to save the day and got the pictures for him.

The episode ended with a goodbye party for Bobby and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Elena agreeing to go to the party as John Ross’ date (wait, what?) and Rebecca about to confess something about “the e-mail” to Christopher. We’ll just have to wait for next week to watch even more plots, schemes and lies! With all this blackmailing, it almost feels like we’re in the midst of a telenovela set on a ranch, no? 

So my lovely Latinas, what did you think of last night’s episode? They sure make ‘em crazy in Dallas! Did that cow giving birth scene also stick out the most or did it just make you cringe and make you sigh out of relief for not being a vet or ranch owner for that matter?  Share your thoughts in the comments!