In This Corner: Battle of the Tween Queens

Vanessa Hudgens? Miley Cyrus? Sooo last month. While Disney's reigning tween superstars are headed towards the exit (and, lets face it, eventually rehab), a newer, fresher crop of Mouseketeers are being groomed to snatch away those crowns. Next in line? Cartoon-eyed Selena Gomez and sweet-faced Demi Lovato, two Latinas with squeaky-clean images who claim to be BFFs. But don't be fooled, behind the G-rated façade a raging battle begins...

Round One: From the Sand Box to the Studio Lot

Selena Marie Gomez: Born on July 22, 1992 to stage actress Mandy Teefy, who had her at 16 and named her after the late Texan singer. Selena got her first big break at age 10, playing Gianna on Barney & Friends. She was subsequently discovered by Disney, and after a series of cameos on random Disney shows, she landed a starring role on the Wizards of Waverly Place, as well as the lead in TV movies Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Plan, the latter with Demi.

Demitria Devonne Lovato: Born on August 20, 1992. Mom was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and dad was an absent father (he popped up recently to blab to the press about his famous daughter, à la Michael Lohan). Got her first big break playing Angela on Barney & Friends. Was subsequently discovered by Disney, and after a series of cameos on random Disney shows, landed a starring role on the Disney Channel series As the Bell Rings and Mollygood, as well as a role opposite BFF Selena in the TV movie Princess Protection Plan, currently filming in Puerto Rico.

The Winner: Selena. It seems from crayons to career moves, the one-month-younger Demi has been following Miss Gomez's lead for nearly a decade. Plus, it's much cooler to be named after a legendary singer than a questionably-talented cougar.

Round Two: The Jonas Factor

Selena Gomez: Starred in the Jonas Brothers' music video "Burnin' Up" as Nick Jonas's girl, but was supposedly dating Joe Jonas in real life (a rumor Selena claims is "not true").

Demi Lovato: After co-starring with the Jonai in Camp Rock, Demi signed on to open for the Brothers on their Summer 2008 Burning Up Tour. The Brothers also helped her write 11 songs for her upcoming album.

The Winner: Demi. Selena's relationship with the Jonai may have made tabloid headlines, but Demi is leveraging her friendship with the teen sensations to advance her own music career. Besides, her collabos with the Brothers are pretty good, and her live singing on Regis & Kelly gave us the shocking discovery that Demi may actually have some genuine, un-manufactured talent.

Round Three: The Rivalries

Selena Gomez:
After guest-starring as a rival pop star to Miley Cyrus on her show Hannah Montana, life seemed to imitate art. Disney execs reportedly became increasingly uncomfortable with scandal-prone Miley (we all remember those infamous Vanity Fair pics) and tapped Selena as her heir apparent—a rumor that supposedly sparked a feud between the two. Selena issued a sort-of denial, telling E! News "it's fine. It's all good. She's Miley and I'm Selena." Uhh, ok. Was that supposed to kill rumors, or start them?

Demi Lovato: The only ego battle Demi is involved in is the one her Camp Rock character Mitchie Torres has with Tess Tyler. Seriously, yawn...

Winner: Selena. Homegirl seems to have learned Showbiz Lession #1: talent will only get you so far. Sometimes it takes a good old-fashioned scandal to bump you up to the A-list.


Honestly, we’re still having trouble telling the difference between these two. Both girls are from Texas, kicked off their careers on Barney & Friends, star in YouTube videos together, wear purity rings and hang with the Jonas Brothers. And to make things worse, they are self-proclaimed BFFs. Sorry girls, you're going to have to grow some claws or risk cancelling each other out. Perhaps we'll put these goody-goodies back in the ring after a year or two, when the club brawls and stolen boyfriends start coming into play.