‘CNN Heroes’ Recap: J.R. Martinez, Sofia Vergara, & George Lopez

Some of our favorite Latino stars attended this weekend’s fifth annual CNN Heroes event!

According to Radar Online, those who appeared included part-Salvadorian Dancing With the Stars champion J.R. Martinez, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, and Mexican American comedian George Lopez. The CNN Hero initiative spotlights those striving to spur change in the world. The top 10 CNN Heroes are reportedly set to receive $50,000 each for their individual projects.

Latina Selected as One of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes

Earlier this fall, we reported that a Latina made it among CNN’s Heroes; Mexican psychologist Elena Durón Miranda was recently selected for her work with poverty-stricken children in Argentina. After she found children picking garbage during a visit to Argentina, Durón Miranda founded PETISOS (Prevención y Erradicación del Trabajo Infantil SOS or Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor SOS) in 2002. The organizations aims to try to pull children out of garbage-picking and back into school. Unfortunately, Durón Miranda’s votes weren’t enough to make her among the top 10 CNN Heroes, but we’re still proud that a Latina is doing so much good in the world – particularly for children in Latin America.

Latino Military Heroes

A Latino who did make it to the top 10 CNN Heroes is Eddie Canales, whose group Gridiron Heroes helps teenagers who have suffered spinal cord injuries while playing football. CNN Heroes was hosted by Anderson Cooper and named Robin Lim as the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year. Lim has a foundation that provides pregnant low-income women in Indonesia with medical assistance.

Yesterday, Martinez wrote about the CNN Heroes event on Twitter. “Getting ready to present at the #CNNHeroes awards. I'm touched by all the stories,” he said. “Which ones have impacted you thus far?” Vergara tweeted a photo of herself on the red carpet, and Lopez tweeted a photo of himself and Martinez with this message: “Thanks @CNNHeroes and all The Real Heroes @LADreamCenter @MatthewBarnett @KnowJR you Inspire!

Do you have a hero in your life?