EXCLUSIVE: Cierra Ramirez Talks Shocks & Surprises in 'The Fosters' Season 2!

EXCLUSIVE: Cierra Ramirez
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The Fosters just keeps getting better and better, chicas!

Cierra Ramirez, who stars as Mariana Foster, chatted with us about all the shocks and surprises coming our way in season two. Plus, she gives us a glimpse on what's up next for her character.

Read it all below in our exclusive interview:

In what ways has Mariana changed since the show started?

Oh, she’s changed a lot! I mean going into it, you’ve seen, she started out by selling her brother’s ADD pills at school to give to her birth mother. Growing up in the foster system, she was curious about who she was and what that meant. But she’s only fifteen [and] she’s making mistakes. She wanted to know her birth mom and that relationship affected her negatively. I think she’s really grown from it. That experience really helped her realize that she is in the place that she needs to be — right there with the Fosters — and they’re her family. She’s still continuing to make mistakes, trying to find out who she is.

She joined the dance team and she has a boyfriend, she dyed her hair blonde. I mean for all the wrong reasons [Laughs]. It’s been quite a journey for her. Even with Callie, in the beginning of the show, she was so territorial. All she’s known is being the only girl in the Fosters family, so to have someone else [come in] she got very territorial. But their relationship has grown. It’s been very fun to see their sisterly relationship — I love Callie and Mariana’s relationship. It’s very fun because I feel that as the show progresses, the writers write a little bit more for us as individuals. I feel like Mariana and Callie’s relationship is a lot like Maia [Mitchell] and I’s relationship in real life, if that makes sense. Not before though! [Laughs]

Speaking of Mariana’s birth mother, she’s pregnant now! Total bombshell! How will this affect the twins?

Well I mean as of right now, Jesus is the only one who knows. We all know how long Jesus can keep a secret from Mariana…not for that long. The experience of creating a relationship with Ana has been a mistake to Mariana. She almost lost her mother because of it, and she wanted to cut off all ties with Ana. She wanted nothing to do with her. Now with this, with this big bombshell like you said, I don’t know if she’ll be leaving the Fosters’ lives for a while. We’ll see how accepting she is of the idea of a new baby and Ana for that matter.

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It’s almost like Jesus and Mariana switched roles, where at one point he wanted nothing to do with her, but now it’s like he has this curiosity in him and wants to be around her.

Right! They definitely switched roles.

Do you think that he’ll want to pursue that more now with the baby or is this something that may sort of throw him for a loop and make him want to turn away?

He’s always been so forgiving, and he’s always been one to make someone else feel better. He puts other people’s feelings before his, like you’ve seen it with Mariana and with Ana and even with Hayley, his girlfriend. If anything he’ll become more attached. You’ve seen him kind of become more attached with Ana. When the show started, he was completely against her and the idea of Mariana even reaching out to her. Though now for him to be the one reaching out to her and not Mariana — I don’t know you’ll have to see how that progresses.

Fair enough. So Mariana and the dance team — are you proud of her? She really stood up to them in the last episode. Where will this leave her?

Well, you saw there was a method behind the madness. Right in the middle of that, I remember everyone was live-tweeting at that moment and everyone was tweeting me like “Mariana why did you do that,” and I wanted to be like “just wait on it, wait on it, wait a second.” But you’re going to see that Tia and Mariana are going to create a dance team of their own together. They’re going to try to scavenge around and look for some dancers to compete against Anchor Beach’s dance team. That’s going to be really fun!

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