Christina Milian to Play A Spoiled Pop Star In 'A Gifted Man'

The beautiful and talented Christina Milian is on board to guest star in an upcoming episode of CBS’s A Gifted Man. The singer and actress will get the opportunity to showcase both talents playing a thriving pop star who experiences strange symptoms according to

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“We’re thrilled that Christina will be bringing her acting and singing talents to A Gifted Man,” stated Executive Producer Neal Baer about the Cuban American. “She’ll play a spoiled pop star who complains of a mysterious ailment zapping all her energy that even Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) finds puzzling.”

Christina Milian's B&W Body-Hugging Outfit

Milian’s episode, titled “In Case of Co-Dependents,will appear later this month. A Gifted Man airs Fridays at 8 PM EST on CBS.