Christina Aguilera Talks 'The Voice' Season 5 & Shakira!

"I knew there was a time coming back into the show that I wanted to sort of catch myself up on it, and I had some shows sent to me just to see a little bit of what was happening.  I was hearing good things.  I was like, 'Okay.  I can relax now,'" Aguilera said of Shakira and Usher. "They held it strong and together, and thank God for Shakira and Usher coming in and being able to hold the show and keep it going.”

Aguilera looked her best yet; showing off her newly toned physique fitted in a black and white ensemble, blonde hair cut in a shoulder length style.

When asked by reporters on how she obtained her body, without directly answering, Aguilera did acknowledge the rough patch she experienced in 2010, where she was often criticized for her weight.

“It was a little bit of a hard time in  and especially being under a microscope.”

When it comes to all the criticism, Aguilera explained how she coped.

“I definitely tune it out.  I don't read things.  I try to be as normal as possible.”

Make sure to catch Aguilera and the rest of The Voice cast when season 5 premieres at 8 p.m. September 23rd on NBC.