Christina Aguilera Goes Pink for 'Nashville'

Christina Aguilera Goes Pink for 'Nashville

Maybe blondes really don’t have more fun?

Christina Aguilera ditched her beautiful platinum locks and brought back her pink hair on the set of Nashville

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Earlier this month, the 34-year-old singer gave her fans a sneak peek of her character on the TV seriesIn the Instagram picture, the mother-of-two is sitting on a Nashville director’s chair sporting luscious brunette curls. The image was captioned: "Look at all the hair. Having lots of fun on the set of #Nashville."

Now in a People exclusive, the magazine gave a first look into Xtina’s character. The pictures show the singer sporting long bubblegum-pink hair on set of her new TV gig.  

The powerhouse singer will be playing a pop superstar named Jade St. John. According to ABC, Aguilera’s character has been dreaming of venturing into the country business, however she feels tied down by her label who asked her to stay "on brand in the pop world."

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Catch Aguilera’s first episode of Nashville April 15 at 10pm ET on ABC.