Christina Aguilera Picks 'Jersey Girl' Raquel Castro on 'The Voice'

Seven years ago, puertoriqueña Raquel Castro starred opposite Jennifer Lopez as a young girl with a penchant for singing in the Kevin Smith rom-com, Jersey Girl. Last night, Raquel, who's now 16, resurfaced on NBC's singing competition, The Voice, where her rendition of the Leona Lewis hit "Bleeding Love" won over Christina Aguilera, who chose Raquel to be a member of her team. 

Christina, who is 5'1, loved that Raquel was so tiny, saying "I know from experience that great things come in small packages." We loved the way Raquel worked the stage. But next week, Raquel will have to deliver an even stronger performance, since Aguilera is ready for her team to kick some butt. “My team kicks ass! Watch out boys! #TeamXtina #TheVoice,” she tweeted

If it sounds like Xtina is having a blast on The Voice, it's because she is! When discussing fellow judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton, Aguilera said, "I think I have to bring a prop or something on set because they need a few slaps on the hand a few times. They keep me laughing a lot! I feel like a schoolteacher in a classroom full of naughty boys."

Check out Raquel's audition below: