Cesar Milan Trains a “Beast” for Mark Zuckerberg

He’s the Harvard-genius who invented Facebook, but even Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t know how to do everything, so when he needed to train his dog, Beast, he hired an expert: Mexican Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan.

Milan, a professional dog psychologist best known for his TV series, The Dog Whisperer—recently tweeted a picture of him and Zuckerberg following his training session with Mark’s adorable dog.

“So enjoyed meeting Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla today and helping them with their little "Beast,” tweeted Milan.” I'm so glad the pack leader of Facebook is so open to knowledge and introducing it to his dog early!” 

We think it’s adorable that Mark has such a special relationship with his adorable puppy, but we must admit: it’s a little weird that he created a personal Facebook page for Beast, complete with first-person (or should we say, first-dog) status updates.