Celebrity Apprentice Star Patricia Velasquez Reacts To Getting Fired (Exclusive Interview)

Patricia Velasquez is the latest contestant to pack her suitcase after getting fired on last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice. The Venezuelan supermodel and actress hit the boardroom in support of her non-profit organization, The Wayuu Taya Foundation, which aids indigenous communities in Latin America. Unfortunately the lady’s team didn’t impress the judges after completing their mission to throw an industry party for Crystal Light. Thanks to their (not so supportive teammate Aubrey O’Day) Velasquez and fellow venezolana, Dayana Mendoza, were sent to defend themselves against getting cut.

We spoke exclusive to Velasquez about her reaction to hearing “you’re fired” and what's next for the talented beauty below:

What have you learned most from being on The Apprentice

I learned how to work under pressure and how far people are willing to go to win. All of it has both its good and the bad side.

What was your initial reaction when you heard "you're fired"? 

A part of me was sad for Wayuu Taya Foundation knowing that I risked so much and couldn’t walk out with the final reward, but the other part of me was extremely thankful for the opportunity to let people know about my foundation.

Who are you rooting for on the show?

Honestly, I don’t have any favorites. I’m rooting for any of the guys and some of the girls.

Tell us about your upcoming film Liz in September. What can fans expect? 

Its an incredible story about friendship and love that can take any form and the right to die with dignity. People are going to love this film. It’s coming along incredible!

What's next for you?

My brand Taya Beauty has become the number one hair brand on HSN. We are working on expanding the brand worldwide. I’m also working on another film about human trafficking. I would love to continue doing what I’m doing and working on projects that speak to my heart. That’s truly what I’ve always wanted.

Still want to support the cause? Visit Velasquez's The Wayuu Taya Foundation and donate today!