Casting The Ultimate Latino Reality Show!

On Monday, Lifetime announced that later this year, 13 Project Runway alums (including Mexican-American fashion designers Mondo Guerra and Elisa Jimenez), will be competing in a new reality competition called, Project Runway: All Stars—a 12 episode series that features the crème de la crème of past seasons going head to head for a host of prizes.

The news of the new show got us thinking: Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a reality show that brought together the most popular, controversial and exciting Latino reality stars under one roof, Big Brother-style? Here is our dream team for that as-of-yet fictitious show. Be sure to tell us if you would watch it!

1. Reality Stars: Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra

When the talented Mexican-American fashion designer came in second place to Gretchen Jones on the eighth season of Project Runway, the show’s fans were furious. Thousands of outraged Mondo-lovers stormed Twitter to express that they thought Mondo deserved to win… hands down. And some people are STILL not over it. Any reality star that can get that kind of response from fans surely deserves to star on the ultimate Latino reality show!

2. Reality Stars: David Archuleta

David Archuleta, 20

Who doesn’t love the adorable Archie? We fell in love with the American Idol contestant the moment the half-Honduran started singing John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change” during his very first audition. And while we feel like we got to know David as a contestant on the show, there’s still a lot we don’t know about him—like who he’s dating! We’d definitely be interested in watching David’s love life on a reality series!

3. Reality Stars: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, 29

When Nicole Richie co-starred on the hit Fox reality series, The Simple Life with her then good friend, Paris Hilton—no one knew who she was. That quickly changed when Richie, a talented comedienne and prankster who has brought laughs to shows like Saturday Night Live and Chuck, overshadowed Paris and became the show’s breakout star. When Richie wrapped filming on The Simple Life in 2007, she left a huge void in reality TV. We’d love to see her irreverent humor back on the small screen!

4. Reality Stars: Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada

She isn’t technically married to a basketball star (she’s engaged to NFL star Chad Ochocinco), but there’s no doubt about it: Boricua Evelyn Lozada is the breakout star of VH1’s hit reality series, Basketball Wives. She’s also the show’s most controversial personality. Whether she’s calling one of her co-stars a “non motherf****** factor,” or throwing a drink at her arch-nemesis, Royce Reed—there’s never a dull moment with Evelyn when she’s on the small screen, and she’s guaranteed to bring the drama!

5. Reality Stars: Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco, 47

The former professional baseball outfielder and manager has proven in the past that he makes for good reality TV. He was hilarious as a cast member on season 5 of the reality series, The Surreal Life (where he flirted with Janice Dickinson and sported thongs), and was a fan-favorite on Donald Trump’s NBC reality contest, The Celebrity Apprentice.

6. Reality Stars: Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia, 46

Elle magazine’s Fashion Director Nina Garcia brings some serious fashionista credibility to the judging panel of Project Runway. This poised Barranquilla, Colombia native is as put together as she appears on the show, juggling her TV and magazine jobs with a husband and two kids. When it comes to judging, Nina is fierce, and on a show full of big personalities, she’d have a lot to critique.

7. Reality Stars: Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez, 28

The dreamy insurance agent won Ali Fedotowsky’s heart on the sixth season of The Bachelorette—and won our hearts too. If there’s an ultimate Latino reality show, Roberto has got to be on it—if only because he’d be some serious eye candy. ¡Que guapo!

8. Reality Stars: Snooki

Snooki, 22

Snooki (AKA Nicole Polizzi) is the standout star of MTV’s hit reality show, The Jersey Shore. Sure, all the adopted chilena does is make out with boys, drink and search the beach for ripped guidos, but lets be honest—she’s really good (and funny) at that!

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