Stop What You're Doing Right Now and Watch These 'Candidly Nicole' GIFs

If you haven't been watching Candidly Nicole, you need to start, like yesterday. We've always been obsessed with this hysterical star (for her fashion sense as well as her crazy jokes) and now we have one more reason to stay up too late watching TV. Nicole Richie's reality show on VH1 is basically The Simple Life Pt. 2, only it stars her dad and 15-year-old stepsister Sofia, instead of frenemy Paris Hilton. Take a look at her best quotes in GIF form.

1. Candidly Nicole: We Hate Kids

That time Nicole got wasted when she was supposed to be chaperoning her litle sister Sofia's backyard party. She also broke ALL the rules. The ones she made herself.

2. Candidly Nicole: 90210

We couldn't agree more, Nic. Kelly and Dylan forever. 

3. Candidly Nicole: Club Rat

Basically the worst insult, ever. Are these other moms kidding with not liking Nicole?? We would die to hang with her on the daily.

4. Candidly Nicole: Eggs

This would be called "Nicole's inside voice" at an organic food store. 

5. Candidly Nicole: Dating

When Nicole tries to online date for her best friend she gets a little too interested in the potential guy. Hey, it happens.

6. Candidly Nicole: Married

We're sure Joel loved this one just as much as we did.

7. Candidly Nicole: Wine

A natural response when someone instructs you to smell the wine you're about to taste.

8. Candidly Nicole: Meow

Take notes, chicas, this is HOW you do a catwalk crawl.