Cameron Diaz Rocking an Engagement Ring?

Cameron Diaz gave paparazzi the finger while leaving Nobu in LA
last night—and there was something shiny on it. Attentive photogs
noticed that Cammie was sporting a sparkly diamond on her ring finger,
making us wonder if she's—gasp!—engaged to British model Paul Sculfor, who she has been dating for a record-breaking four weeks.

The boy-crazy blonde, who has rarely allowed herself to be photographed with a man since splitting with Justin Timberlake,
has been uncharacteristically brazen about her affection for Paul,
hugging and kissing him in plain view of lensers in Los Angeles.

Considering this is the most serious she's been about a man in
years, we're happy for Cam...and can't help imagining the beautiful
babies this gorgeous couple could make. All she needs now is a few of Eva Longoria's maxi dressed and the rumors will runneth over.