ABC Family Cancels 'Bunheads'

Jeanine Mason, one of Bunheads’ stars, spoke to Latina exclusively earlier this year about her nerve-wracking first audition for the show.

“They didn’t necessarily need someone who was a dancer, which I thought was going to limit my chances. But then I got a call back, and then I went to another call back with Amy Sherman-Palladino, who I’m obsessed with. And we chatted, and I danced for them a bit. And, we did the scene a bunch of times. And, they were really excited and inspired by the dancing,” she said. “And they thought, “Oh my god, this would be awesome if we got another actor on the show who is really a dancer.” And then I started going into chemistry reads. So it was a really long audition process and the whole time it was just getting me more and more excited, with a little bit of anxiety about not getting the part!”

Bunheads isn’t the only show ABC Family has canceled. Last week, the network officially canceled The Lying Game, which finished its 10-episode sophomore run in March.

Are you sad to see Bunheads leave the air?