'Breaking Bad' Spinoff 'Better Call Saul' Confirmed!

Breaking Bad, the wildly popular AMC series about chemist-turned-methamphetamine-cook Walter White, is set air its final episode on September 29. But fear not: A spinoff is happening!

AMC confirmed that the go-ahead has been giving for a spinoff, tenatively titled Better Call Saul. The one-hour series is set to be a prequel which centers upon the evolution of Saul Goodman before he met Walter White. Saul Goodman, a shady Albuquerque lawyer who works on the behalf of criminals, is a huge fan favorite and already boasts his own AMC website, complete with testimonials, consultations, and an office web cam.

According to VarietyBob Odenkirk will resume his role as Saul Goodman, and Peter Gould, a writer and producer who has worked on all five seasons of Breaking Bad, will spearhead the project.

Hopefully, the New Mexico-based show will use this as an opportunity to introduce some new Latino characters! 

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