Blake Jenner's 7 Best Performances (So Far) on 'Glee!' (VIDEO)

He’s only been starring on Glee since November, but Blake Jenner – the winner of the second season of Oxygen’s The Glee Project – has already managed to cement his status as the Fox musical dramedy’s next big star!

From his first dancetastic appearance as Ryder Lynn in the show’s fourth season, the 20-year-old Cuban American actor has been stealing the show with his charming personality, boy-next-door image and impressive voice. Here’s a look at Jenner’s best Glee performances, as well as a couple of his memorable moments on the show!

1. Glee Blake Jenner: Grease

It’s hard to replicate the magic between Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta’s performance of “You're the One That I Want” in Grease, but Jenner and Melissa Benoist’s playfully perfect duet during William McKinley High’s production of the musical managed to do just that. Not to mention, he looks pretty darn slick in all-black! 

2. Glee Blake Jenner: Superman

In Glee’s “Dynamic Duets” episode, Jenner’s character gets his superhero on while facing off against his arch nemesis Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist) for Marley’s attention. Performing a duet to R.E.M.’s “Superman,” Jenner proves to be a dapper Clark Kent and a mesmerizing Mega Stud, his alter ego in the superhero-themed episode.

3. Glee Blake Jenner: Worm

He doesn’t sing a single lyric in his debut appearance as Ryder Lynn in Glee’s “The Role You Were Born to Play” episode, but he does get to bust a move. After catching a pass in the end zone during football practice, Jenner’s character breaks out a series of old school dance moves, including the Worm. And just like that, he wormed his way into our hearts!

4. Glee Blake Jenner: Rock of Ages

There’s no denying Blake Jenner can channel his inner rock star with ease. Just take a look at his character’s unofficial audition for the school’s production of Grease, a Rock of Ages inspired duet with Finn (Cory Monteith) to Foreigner’s “Jukebox Hero.” And if that isn’t enough, Jenner plays a mean air guitar!

5. Glee Blake Jenner: Greased Lightening

No doubt the “the chicks will scream” after watching Jenner’s performance of “Greased Lightning” in Glee’s Grease-themed episode. Transitioning from an auto garage with his cast mates to the theater for the onstage presentation, Jenner successfully channels John Travolta while making all that car talk sound nothing short of sexy!

6. Glee Blake Jenner: Born to Hand Jive

He may not be the lead vocalist on “Born to Hand Jive” – from Glee’s “The Role You Were Born to Play” episode – but Jenner easily steals the spotlight with his perfectly executed two-person cartwheel and pant-tearing split. Not to mention his Limbo-like moves really demonstrate his flexibility while showing us just how low he can go! iAy caramba!

7. Glee Blake Jenner: Moves Like Jagger

Sure, Jenner has proven he’s got the Moves Like Jagger in his many performances on the show. But it’s his sweet-talking that really makes us swoon. In this scene, which captures his first on-screen kiss on Glee, Jenner’s character consoles his Marley with his kind words, resulting in a steamy kiss that made our corazones flutter.

8. Glee Blake Jenner: Gangnam Style

A recap of Jenner’s unforgettable Glee performances wouldn’t be complete without a look at his first appearance at Sectionals with his fellow New Directions members. In one of the show’s best references to a pop culture phenomenon, Jenner and the gang demonstrate their oh-so-Gangnam Style while performing PSY’s instahit with pure panache.