'Big Sexy’s' Nikki Gomez Sets the Record Straight for Curvy Women Everywhere!

With the three-part series of Big Sexy coming to an end today, we thought it was perfect timing to speak to the hopeless romantic on the show and sassy Latina, Nikki Gomez, to find out just how she’s being a role model for young curvy girls everywhere. 

What has the response been like from the show?

OMG, the response has been wonderful! We were out for Fashion night out and everyone was so positive and people were saying things like “you’re changing how we see ourselves” or “my daughter is plus size and she can now see women who are confident in themselves”. It’s been amazing to hear because that’s all ever wanted out of this. I want other young women to see that its ok to be curvy and to love yourself, you don’t have to starve and hate your body.

Are there any stereotypes you hope that people understand aren’t true because of the show?

The one that keeps coming up is are we promoting unhealthy lifestyles and the truth is we’re all very healthy. Most of us have been athletes at one point or another. I workout everyday and eat healthy and we’re not miserable crying and hiding, we go out and have fun like everyone else.

Do you think being Latina has helped with accepting and loving your body?

Yes, in our culture our role models have curves and it’s considered beautiful and that’s something that I’ve always loved that has stayed in our culture. I thank god for that and my family. When they say, “Nikki, you look healthy”, that’s a compliment!

Where do you see plus size modeling in 10 years from now?

I want to see us on those runways on fashion week! I’d like to be able to go shopping with my friend that’s a size 4 and shop in the same stores and not have to go to a “special” store. Things have definitely improved, now we can shop more on style than on size, but we still have to work a little harder.

Can you tell us your top three fashion tips that you live by?

First, you should know your figure know your body and what looks good on you and that makes it really easy. Secondly, don’t be afraid to shop in a regular store. I love things from Anthropologie, so sometimes there are dresses that are a large and a knit that fit, I personally look online first and then check it out, so you can’t be embarrassed or assume that nothing is going to fit you. Lastly, support your plus-size designers because they understand and design for our bodies.

Are you happy with the way the show turned out?

Yes! I’m really hoping it gets picked up for a full season because I think it’s important for girls to see women that have bodies like them, like the first time I saw mode magazine, and see that they are not ashamed and love themselves. More importantly, I want the final message to be that we are all beautiful because we are different and that goes for skinny, curvy, and every woman in between.