Thalia Returning to Telenovelas: The Best From Her Past

Thalia is making the return to the medium that first gave her success: telenovelas! The Mexican pop singer is set to appear in a new telenovela (in at least 100 episodes!), reports MTV Tr3s, and while they’re staying mum on the details (including when we can expect them to start filming!), producers Roberto Gomez and Pedro Torres will be giving Thalia creative input (and there’s rumor that Thalia is trying to nab William Levy for a role!). All we know is, we’re already dying for the soundtrack. But first, our favorite Thalia telenovelas:

1. Thalia: Quinceanera


This 1987 Televisa telenovela starred Adela Noriega and Thalia. They played best friends looking forward to their quinceaneras, growing up and falling in love. It was the first telenovela to discuss drugs, rape and gangs in depth.

2. Thalia: Maria Mercedes

Maria Mercedes

This 1992 show was a rags-to-riches tale of Maria Mercedes who is abandoned by her mother, leaving her with her brothers and sisters that she is forced to raise. She falls in love with a man, Jorge Luis, and finds out a family secret that changes everything. This was the first in a series of three dubbed by the press as "Las Tres Marias".

3. Thalia: Marimar


In 1994, the second of the Maria trilogy ran. Another rags to riches story, Marimar is a young girl who lives near the ocean, who has to learn how to live in society.

4. Thalia: Maria la del Barrio

Maria la del Barrio

The last of the trilogy, this final rags-to-riches story (we really love those), featured a young Maria who is taken on as a ward in a home after her grandmother dies. She falls in love with the family's son, and has to deal with the family and (gasp!) a new baby.

5. Thalia: Rosalinda


Thalias last telenovela, this 1999 program featured the character of Rosalinda, who sells flowers and decorates a restaurant. She meets a high-society man (Fernando Jose), and they fall in love. An evil woman makes it her mission to split the two of them up. The drama!