The 6 Hottest Kisses in Telenovela History

The almost-always impossible love triangles and drama make telenovelas must-see television. If someone isn’t trying to kidnap la protagonista because she’s in love with the wrong man, it’s just not a worthy plot line. And when lost loves finally reunite, well, it’s magic. Their smooches make us tingle.

So, let’s celebrate those lovely besos! Below, remember the best kisses from telenovelas:

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1. Rosalinda and Fernando José from 'Rosalinda'

In Rosalinda, Fernando José (Fernando Carrillo) and Rosalinda’s (Thalía) chemistry was on fire. The proof is in their kisses. Watch them bite lips, cup one another’s face and kiss like it’s the last time they’ll lock lips!  

2. Bianca and Bruno from 'Pasión Prohibida'

Should they or shouldn’t they? That’s what Bianca (the late Mónica Spear) and Bruno (Jencarlos Canela) from Pasión Prohibida silently ask themselves before their first kiss. He marches over to her, and asks for her forgiveness. She says she forgives him, but you know how us chicas can be: we say it’s all good, but we’re still mad! He goes in for the kiss anyway. It feels so good, but it’s forbidden — so she smacks him! 

3. Gabriela and Alejandro from 'La Patrona'

“Te ame, te amo, te voy amar siempre!” 

Alejandro (Jorge Luis Pila) whispers these sweet words to Gabriela (Aracely Arámbula) while cupping her face passionately. After he pours out his heart, he goes in for a luscious kiss. This video is a compilation of all their awesome kisses, because we can't decide on just one. Swoon! 


4. Verónica and Demetrio from 'La Mentira'

Bring on the sneaky, vindictive sex! Verónica (Kate del Castillo) and Demetrio (Guy Ecker) get it on in La Mentira, but there’s a twist.  It turns out that Demetrio is seducing Verónica to find out who killed his beloved half-brother. He doesn't love her at all. Well, not at first. Oh, hell, who knows! Just look at them kiss! 

5. Teresa and Santiago from 'La Reina del Sur'

What do you get when you mix the most powerful narcotraficante in Spain with an even badder drug runner? Really enticing kissing scenes and then some. Teresa (Kate del Castillo) and Santiago (Iván Sanchez) make out on a picnic bench, in the boudoir, on the beach. Whenever and wherever they desire, they get down to the business of love.... and selling drugs. 

6. Jade and Lucas from 'El Clon'

Jade (Giovanna Antonelli) and Lucas (Murilo Benício) from El Clon might just be one of the hottest telenovela couples ever, but no one wants them to be together. She’s a Muslim from Morocco whose hips don’t lie (her belly dancing is mesmerizing!). He’s a Christian Brazilian from a rich family. Their love is haraam — a sin! And that's why their secret kisses are so divine.