Benjamin Bratt on Wife Talisa Soto: "She is Heart and Soul Personified"

Infidelity and dysfunction may be the foundation upon which most celebrity marriages are built, but television star Benjamin Bratt and his wife Talisa Soto have somehow managed to buck that trend.

Benjamin—who probably had his share of dysfunction during his relationship with Julia Roberts several years ago—goes a bit overboard telling OK! magazine how much he adores his wife.

“She is heart and soul personified,” says The Cleaner star. “She makes me a better man. That sounds like a line from a movie. It is, right? No, it’s hard not to speak in clichés about her, really, because so much has been made of my wife’s outer beauty — and she is otherworldly beautiful — but as I’ve come to know her, her heart and who she is as a person is even more beautiful. What I dig about her is that she loves me. Even though she knows everything about me, she accepts me anyway, which is a pretty calming influence to have in your life and a great deal of support.”

He says the secret to his success as an actor, a husband and a father is “little sleep, faultless dedication and the love of a good woman.”

Okay, that's so sweet it's giving us diabetes. We're happy to see that not all Hollywood marriages dwindle into messy custody battles and settlement disputes, but perfection can also be off-putting. C'mon, Ben. Do us a favor and spill the beans about fighting over the remote, nagging each other to take out the garbage, arguing over money—anything to give us a clue that you're human.