Benjamin Bratt on his 'Private Practice' Character: "He is a Fertility Doctor Extraordinaire"

When ABC's hit medical drama, Private Practice returns on Sept. 29th, half-Peruvian actor Benjamin Bratt will join the cast full-time as Dr. Jake Riley, a new love interest (and potential baby-daddy!) for Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh).

Although Addison already locked lips with Bratt's character in last season's finale, she never did get his name, and in the new season she'll learn that he's a medical professional with whom she may need to work. And working may not be the only thing these two will be doing together in the new season. Fans of the hit medical drama know that Addison has been wanting to have a baby for a while. Could Bratt's character Jake Riley be the man to give her one? Based on what Bratt told EOnline, we'd say it's certainly possible. 

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"He is in fact a doctor," Bratt says of his character. "He's an IVF specialist and he is a fertility doctor extraordaire. Bing! Why does that mean anything at all? Who wants a baby? I'm the man to give it to her!" Check out what else the hunky actor had to say about his character in the video below!