The Bella Twins in 'Total Divas': 5 Fitness Tips From the WWE Stars

Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace, better known as The Bella Twins to their WWE fans, are ready to show the world their true selves in Total Divas. The Mexican-Italian “divas” are excited to show the drama, rivalry and hard word that goes into their lives inside and out of the ring. 

Premiering today at 10p.m. (9 Central), the show follows the lives of the sisters and other “divas” of WWE as they work to keep in shape, see their families and more. In anticipation of the new reality show, the girls sat down with Latina to share some of their best fitness tips and tell us just how they keep those bodies looking amazing. 

1. You don’t need a gym to work out. Whenever she can’t make it to the gym, Nikki works out at home by doing squats, push-ups and ab exercises. She also loves power walking on the beach for 7-9 miles. The best part? You can people watch while doing it, too! 

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