Beauty Transformation: Gaby Solis Through the Years on ‘Desperate Housewives’

The eighth and final season of ABC's hit comedy, Desperate Housewives premieres tonight (9/8c), and with the series coming to an end, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the beauty transformation that Eva Longoria's character, Gaby Solis went through over the last seven years on the show. Gaby went from chic to frumpy and back to chic again. Check it out!

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1. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 1

Season 1:  During the first season of Desperate Housewives, we were introduced to Gaby Solis, a vain, self-involved former model who only wore the clothing of top designers. Here, Gaby looks absolutely flawless while she wraps her hands around her much younger gardener/lover, John Rowland (Jesse Metcalfe). 

2. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 2

Season 2: She’s dressed in her best Sunday clothes here but it wouldn’t be a Gabrielle-certified outfit without showing some skin – in this case, her shoulders. She also looks distraught – the second season brought a lot of conflict for Gabrielle. Her husband Carlos was unwilling to forgive her for her affair with their gardener and Gabrielle wanted a child of her own.

3. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 3

Season 3: Following her divorce from Carlos (Ricardo Chavira), Gaby became a new woman — compliments of a lighter dye job and more revealing attire. But even with her new look, it still wasn’t enough for Gabrielle to successfully return to modeling.

4. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 4

Season 4: Gaby dyed her hair once again, this time to a rich chocolate brown, which looked great on her. Her makeup in season four was subtle (for the most part), except for her darker lipstick which made the statement that no one should dare mess with the badass, Gaby Solis. 


5. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 5

Season 5: When Desperate Housewives jumped ahead five years into the future in season 5, the Gaby we all knew and loved was completely unrecognizable. She was now the frumpy mother of two little girls, who never had time to put on makeup. This is by far the most worn-out Gaby ever looked on DH, but there was a reason for it. Not only was she a new mom, but her husband Carlos had lost his sight after being hit on the head during a tornado, leaving her with much of the responsibilities at home. 


6. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 6

Season 6: This is a Gabrielle we recognize. The housewife looked gorgeous in season six – her dark locks were slightly highlighted with a lighter brown and her makeup was just right.

7. Eva Longoria: Desperate Housewives: 7

Season 7: Gabrielle’s hair looked great here with its rich highlights. In this scene, the housewife finally confronts her stepfather, who sexually abused her as a young girl. 

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