'The Bachelorette' Decides Roberto is the Chosen One

As we suspected, Bachelorette Ali's heart was with the hunky Roberto all along!!! 

Before the final rose ceremony, Roberto met Ali's family and made a great first impression (her father was totally on team Roberto!). Their last date was as passionate as always: "If you didn't know, I'm definitely, definitely falling in love with you," said the Tampa cutie, solidifying his feelings for the former Facebook employee and giving her their first framed picture together. Ali was sooo into Roberto that night, "My heart feels like it's exploding out of my chest", she said with joy. 

The following morning, when Ali was set to have her last date with Cris L. (Roberto's competition), she decided to no longer keep him waiting and let him know she was in love with someone else. "Aceptarias esta rosa?"  said the Bachelorette as she gave Roberto the final rose; but not before he got down on one knee, professed his love to her and asked her to be his wife! On the After the Final Rose show, Roberto and Ali were finally out in the open as a couple and spoke about the new belief in love at first sight and how they are so in love and happy.  Roberto has relocated his business to the West, the couple has an apartment together, they plan on getting married within the year, oh, and he plans on teaching the future Mrs. Martinez to become fluent Spanish within five years. We wish them all the best!! 

And, sorry for all you ladies who were hoping he'd be the next bachelor. :(