Antonio Banderas Charms the Crowd on Spanish Talk Show 'El Hormiguero'

Antonio Banderas recently made an appearance on the popular Spanish variety show El Hormiguero and managed to charm not only the host but also the entire studio audience. The 51-year-old Spanish actor is currently promoting Pedro Almodóvar’s horror film La Piel Que Habito [The Skin That I Inhabit], which reunited him with the iconic director for the first time in over 20 years.

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“I make very rare films and very rich paellas,” joked Banderas in reference to the classic Spanish dish which he has cooked for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Penélope Cruz. Cruz even told press more than once that her fellow countryman’s paellas are the best in the world. Banderas also joked about his English language skills (or lack there of) upon arriving in Hollywood. He said he learned how to say “I can do that” before he knew English—which helped his career greatly in the long run.

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The actor also spoke about his personal life—specifically about his marriage to Golden Globe-winning actress Melanie Griffith. “I couldn’t live with someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. She’s intelligent, a great lover, a great mother and a magnificent actress,” he said. “I began to admire her before I began to love her.” Banderas added that the secret to his 15 year marriage is that he and Griffith are still passionate about each other.

Catch the interview below: