EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Mendez Reveals What He Predicts Will Happen on Season 3 of 'Jane the Virgin'

EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Mendez Jane the Virgin Season 3
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Anthony Mendez is continuing to bless the world as the narrator on Jane the Virgin and we spoke to him all about season 3.

The narrator spilled all the tea on how Gina Rodriguez's character will deal with the aftermath of Michael being shot. He dished about what he is hoping to see come from Rogelio and Xo's relationship, and how it will affect Jane. Mendez also spoke to us about why he chose to do a voiceover for Hillary Clinton's campaign ad.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

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How do you feel that Jane married Michael?

I'm thrilled for Jane. Whatever makes Jane happy, I'm all for. It's all about Jane. And I think the narrator feels the same way.

Are you team Rafael or team Michael?

OK, I have to say that I'm Team Michael. And now that they're married, how could I ever hope for them to split?

What can you tell us about season 3?

Not much other than we'll see Jane deal with the traumatic experience of Michael having been shot and, of course, being a mother which in addition to her career goals is a difficult job all on its own.

Where will the audience see the narrator go this season?

I think the narrator, like Jane, will remain consistent in terms of his approach to guiding us and, of course, mocking some of the characters. I'd be curious to see how Jane losing her virginity will affect him, if for no other reason other than the audience has made more of a big deal out of Jane's virginity that Jane herself really has. It's been part of who she is, maybe a small part, but a part nonetheless. It got us to where we are. Maybe the narrator will have been with the audience in that having been a big deal. I don't know. We'll see.

Where are you hoping the show goes with each of the story lines for example, Jane’s, Rafael’s, Xo and Rogelio, etc.?

In the last episode, Rafael stated that he's over Jane. I'm not 100% buying that. We shall see. I don't think he'd even dare break up a marriage, but it could make for an uncomfortable situation. I want Xo and Ro to be together, but not at the cost of Xo compromising what she wants or doesn't want. I feel bad for Rogelio, but maybe he needs counseling to deal with the fact that he wasn't there for Jane.

The show has tackled important issues such as immigration, why do you think it’s important to have show’s like that on TV?

I don't think that it's important exclusively for the issues that the show puts forward, but rather it's important to show a family that is Latino and is as American as anyone. The issues that we face, of course, are woven into our experience in America, whether we were born here or not. So, in that sense, I'm happy they don't shy away from that. That's why I think is important, not so much to have a show that become a platform for making a statement. It's purpose will always be to first and foremost entertain us and by including these issues that are part of the Latino/American experience, it grounds everything in reality. A reality that I think some either aren't aware of or choose to ignore.

What do you think fans are going to get out of this season?

A ton more fun! More laughs, more tears, and more heart! They really came out swinging this season and from what I've seen so far, that will continue. Buckle up.

What else are you going on right now?

I've recently narrated a campaign for Kenmore that was refreshing for me and, of course, I continue to do promos and movie trailers. We're also working on a project I wrote called Mike Tomb about which I'll be announcing some exciting news this Fall.

On another note, you recently did a voiceover for a Hillary Clinton commercial, why was that important for you?

I was a Bernie supporter, still am, and while I've done narrations for both parties over the years and recently had stopped doing political ads altogether, we have too much at risk this election year. I don't like to post preachy or condescending posts on social media trying to convince anyone to change their mind (at least not anymore), so I accepted this job as my way of having a voice... literally.

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