'American Idol' Season 11 Has Latin Flavor

The 24 American Idol semi-finalists for season 11 are ready to prove to you that they've got what it takes to be the next big thing! Starting tonight, voting is in America's hands and, in a twist, one male contestant will become the 25th semi-finalist and perform with the 12 other guys tonight.

But what's really exciting all the Latinos out there is that the semi-finalists include Jeremy Rosado and Jessica Sanchez. After Puerto Rican Scott McCreery won last season, it would be great to have another Latino Idol winner this year. Here's a chance to get to know these two a little better!

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Jeremy Rosado, the 19-year-old from Valrico, Florida, wowed the judges and has already won over several fans who can't wait to vote for him tonight. This year was his 5th time auditioning for Idol and he's come a long way from singing along to Britney Spears when he was a young child. He's completely committed to his dream of being an entertainer and his personality is sure to help him get there.

Jessica Sanchez from Chula Vista, California is only 16 years old but you wouldn't know that from hearing her sing. Knowing her Idol favorites might give us a clue at how she got so good: her favorite Idol winner is Jennifer Hudson and she was inspired -- at the age of 5! -- by Kelly Clarkson's performance of "A Moment Like This." With role models like that, it's no wonder she ended up on Idol.

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Learn even more about these superstars-in-training and the other semi-finalists before tuning in to hear them sing. Don't forget, it's the guys tonight and then the ladies tomorrow.

Are you happy with the American Idol's 24 semi-finalists? Do you think the Latinos have a shot at winning?