American Idol Recap: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Drama Heightens, Rapper Storms Off Set

Last night’s episode of American Idol was filled with OMG moments – or should we say OMI thanks to Nicki Minaj’s renaming of one of her favorite contestants Naomi Morris. The Idol crew hit up Charlotte and was welcomed with countless of country singing hopefuls.

The show jumpstarted with a special visit from season 10 winner Scott McCreery. Instead of gracing the stage as a baby-faced rookie, Scottie was poised and composed like the true star that he is.

Sure, the contestants did their thing, but it was the Nicki and Mariah Carey drama that really stole the show. The judges disagreed on plenty of contestants, but none stirred up more drama than Summer, a blonde beauty who was trying to go for a soulful sound instead of country. However, Mimi, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban all felt that Summer fit best in the country music genre. Apparently this made Nicki’s wig almost pop off. “Maybe I should just get the f*** off of the panel,” she said before storming off.

Nicki was soon on the panel nicknaming contestants to no end. One hopeful named Brandy addressed the rapper and R&B songstress’ drama and said, “Please don’t fight, it makes me sad.” Well Brandy, we doubt these ladies care one bit what you think.

What did you think of last night’s Idol episode?