'American Idol' Recap: Lazaro Arbos Makes the Top 10 Guys!

Sudden death round 2 delivered quite the soul last night on American Idol, when the guys battled it out for the top 10.

Cuban cutie Lazaro Arbos continued to break hearts with his story about growing up with a speech impediment and taking a job at an ice cream shop so he didn't have to do "smart people stuff like talking."

The crowd loved his rendition of Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry," but ironically Urban himself wasn't a fan.

“This is the strangest thing for the guy who wrote that song to say, but I don’t think that was a great song choice for you tonight,” Urban said.

Randy Jackson
agreed, but said that every time Arbos hit the chorus, he found the “sweet spot.”

Nicki Minaj was sold. "Hola Lazaro," the blond-haired judge surprised us with her perfect Spanish accent."Que paso contigo? You always give us you. Don't change nothing.”

Mariah Carey
also praised his emotional truthfulness, saying, “I almost felt like you were welling up with tears. There's a purity and simplicity that comes with your struggle and music brings you through.”

New Orleans native Burnell Taylor shocked everyone with his full-on transformation: he lost 40 pounds since starting Idol and dresses the part! Mix that with a serious hip factor—he's a cross between John Legend and Frank Ocean—and you have a lot of satisfied judges.

Minaj was crushing hard on Cortez Shaw, who took the biggest risk of the night by twisting EDM producer David Guetta's hit "Titanium" feat. Sia into a soulful ballad. Even Carey had to laugh along when Minaj declared, "Is it hot in here or is it just me? I like you, Cortez. I like you a lot." No, it's not just you, Nicki. Cortez is pretty hot.)

In the end, it was Vincent Powell (he killed Lenny William's 1978 hit "'Cause I Love You"), Lazaro, Cortez, Burnell, and Nick Boddington who survived sudden death and join Charlie Askew, Curtis Finch, Jr., Paul Jolley, Elijah Liu, and Devin Velez in the top 10.

Go guys! Are you happy with last night's outcome?