'American Idol' Recap: Latinos Jeremy Rosado And Jessica Sanchez Make The Top 13!

Emotions were running high on last night's American Idol as they selected their 13 finalists for season 11. Thirty three million Americans voted for their top picks and without a doubt half-Mexican contestant Jessica Sanchez made the cut. The petite singer rocked the stage last night with a powerful performance of Christina Aguilera's "Reflection." Although it wasn't her greatest Idol set, Sanchez was one of the first singers to get a guaranteed spot and was praised by all of the judges.


'American Idol' Recap: The Judges on Jessica Sanchez: "That Girl Can Sing!"


Jeremy Rosado wasn’t as fortunate. The 19-year-old singer may not have been America’s top choice, but he made Jennifer Lopez’s top Wild Card pick after he sang an emotional rendition of Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't." J.Lo was in tears during the performance, which convinced us that she was still good old “Jenny From The Block” who looks out for her people. When the Puerto Rican judge announced that Rosado would be her Wild Card, he dropped to the ground in tears – and J.Lo was crying too (bendito). Where’s a box of tissues when you need them? The two hugged and the rest is history!


'American Idol' Season 11 Has Latin Flavor


We can’t wait to see what Sanchez and Rosado will bring to the stage next week! Who is your favorite American Idol contestant?