American Idol Recap: J.Lo on Jessica Sanchez – “You Left Us Wanting More!”

Tattoo your name across our hearts Jessica Sanchez. The American Idol contestant gave us chills during her flawless rendition of Beyonce’s hit song, “Sweet Dreams,” last night.

The half-Mexican singer’s ballad cover may have had a harp player, but it was anything but a lullaby. Sanchez, who wore a Bey-worthy dress complete with shoulder pads and a chiffon train, nailed an electrifying performance that was more vocally impressive than the original track (sorry Beyonce fans!).

The teen contestant also left the judges in awe. Jennifer Lopez excitedly said, “You left all of us wanting more and that’s what great performers do.” We are surprised she didn’t add that Sanchez gave her “the goosies.” Steve Tyler added, “It was delicious. It was beautiful.” And we think he couldn’t have put it better.

Watch Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol performance below and let us know what you think!