American Idol Recap: Jessica Sanchez Is A Winner – No “Stuttering”

There’s no doubt that Jessica Sanchez has the potential to win American Idol; and no, we didn’t stutter. The competition showcased the remaining 7 finalists for last night’s show and all eyes were on Sanchez’s soulful rendition of Jazmine Sullivan’s, “Stuttering.”

The song may not be very well known, but the teen powerhouse performed a powerful cover that reflected pure stardom. No wonder the 16-year-old wore star earrings! Very fitting if you ask us.

After her set, judge Randy Jackson said, “You set the bar really high. Dude, that was superb. That was, like, at the highest degree.” Although Jennifer Lopez was also impressed, the Boricua pop star was pushing for Sanchez to deliver more “Joshua-type performances.” She added, "You can do it. You can show us something we've never seen!"

Watch Jessica Sanchez’s performance on American Idol last night and let us know what you think!