American Idol Recap: Jessica Sanchez Takes It Back To The 80’s With “How Will I Know”

Jessica Sanchez sings on American Idol on April 4

Jessica Sanchez is too young to understand all of the awesomeness the 80’s spawned, but the 16-year-old got into the retro spirit for American Idol's 80's themed show last night. Sanchez shined brighter than her neon shoes during her cover of the late Whitney Houston’s hit, “How Will I Know.” The half-Mexican contestant has the vocal range that almost mirrors Houston’s style, especially since she previously blew the judges away with her flawless rendition of, “I Will Always Love You.”

Besides having the type of voice that gives you goose bumps, Sanchez simply has the natural swagger of a diva. She proved that after last week’s insanely on-point cover of Beyonce’s, “Sweet Dreams." Confession: we had the track on repeat all last week!

There’s no doubt that Sanchez has the potential to reach diva status – especially with help from her alter ego, BB Chez. We can bet that Sasha Fierce inspired this one! J.Lo nailed it when she said, "Your vocals just make everything go away for me, can’t believe they're coming out of that little body."

The pint-sized singer also performed a duet of, "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" with help from contestant, Joshua Ledet, last night.

Watch Jessica Sanchez’s performance of “How Will I Know” below and let us know what you think!