'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez Doesn't 'Turn The Beat Around' For The Judges

It was a flashback to the 90’s for American Idol’s "birth year songs" theme on Wednesday night. The American Idol judges may have praised our favorite contestant Jessica Sanchez for her sparkly pants, but her cover of Gloria Estefan's "Turn The Beat Around" just didn't cut it.

'American Idol' Recap: The Judges on Sanchez - "That Girl Can Sing!"

The half-Mexican singer wowed the judges last week for her breathtaking cover of Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You.” We would imagine that vocally it’s way more difficult to cover the late pop diva’s classic song than Estefan’s track, but we still wouldn’t call Sanchez’s performance “shady” like Steven Tyler said on the panel. Creeper.

'American Idol' Season 11 Has Latin Flavor

Jennifer Lopez agreed with Tyler that the Idol hopeful should stick to ballads instead of pop songs. However we have to agree with celebrity vocal coach Will.I.Am, Sanchez has “space swag!” 

Watch her performance below and let us know what you think!