'American Idol' Recap: Jeremy Rosado Says Goodbye

No amount of love from Jennifer Lopez was able to save Jeremy Rosado on American Idol last night. After auditioning for the show five times, he finally made it for season 11 and J.Lo has been his biggest fan. When he failed to win America over last week, she chose him as her wild card pick, sending him to the Top 13. But it wasn't enough to keep him there past this week and he was sent home last night.

Even though he wasn't as good as some of the other contestants, it's hard not to feel a little bad for Jeremy. Although he was able to keep a smile on his face through his exit video, he was obviously crushed about having to leave.

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In an interview with EW.com, he confessed that what he wanted to do was go cry and pray, and also said that his father was devastated. But he's still staying positive, saying that God has great plans for him and showing support for the other contestants, even Elise, who was chosen to stay over him.

While it's a bummer that Jeremy's gone, at least Jessica Sanchez is likely to stick around for a few more weeks. That girl is blowing people away with her voice!

Are you sad that Jeremy Rosado won't be the American Idol?