American Idol Recap: Drama Takes a Backseat for Golden Tickets to Hollywood

While Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey bumped heads about pigeonholing a country singer on Wednesday night’s episode, which caused the hip-hop star to stormed off set, American Idol fans got a tamed dose of the judges on last night’s show.

The one-hour Baton Rouge round of auditions ended as quickly as it started, but over 30 golden tickets were given out thanks to talented contestants like Megan Miller, who delayed leg surgery to be able to sing “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” for the judges.

Then there was Charlie, who Nicki dubbed “Mystery Man.” The teen suffered from an undiagnosed disorder, which makes it difficult for him to verbally express himself, but once he hit the stage to sing he got approvals from the entire panel of judges, including Randy Jackson and Keith Urban. Take that haters from school!

But our favorite of the night was Hurricane Katrina survivor, Burnell Taylor. He sang a perfectly flawless rendition of The Color Purple’s “I’m Here,” which left us frozen on the couch (in a good way). The man made Mimi cry and left Nicki amazed.

Yes, there was peace after all! Well, until next week…