'American Idol' Recap: Devin Velez and Elijah Liu Make the Semi-Finals!

It was time for the fellas to show their full potential on American Idols sudden death challenge last night. Ten guys graced the stage in Las Vegas for a chance to make it back to Hollywood, but only five made the cut.

The competition officially started once Devin Velez, 18, belted out a bilingual version of “Listen” by Beyonce. The barista who the judges first met back in Chicago was on-point with his delivery and didn’t “over perform” like most of the competitors were criticized for.

“There are people that run around on stage and put on this whole thing, and then there are singers. You can sing, you got a voice,” said Keith Urban. Nicki Minaj praised Devin for having a special “warmth” about him and also expressed, “We have love you for a really long time. You made a smart choice to sing in Spanish. It opens you up to a whole new world and makes you more marketable.”

While Randy Jackson gave him "big props," Mariah Carey offered some words of advice. “I could tell that by the end of the performance you were critiquing yourself. Don’t do it!” she said.

Devin may have impressed the judges, but Elijah Liu definitely got more love. The half-Mexican singer from California didn’t deliver as well as some of the others, but his pop star Bruno Mars-looking swag gave him extra points – at least in Nicki’s eyes. “You are a super star little boy…I want to have your babies,” she joked.

Thankfully, Randy brought it back to reality and said, “You know we love you, but you had no great moments in that song. I know you’re capable of it – so I’m torn there.” Mariah complimented him on his New Edition kind of vibe and said, “You are extremely marketable and I also love that you are half Mexican and Chinese! That’s a great combination.”

Do you think the judges made the right choice by keeping these guys?