'American Idol' Recap: Breanna Steer Will Bust the Windows Out Your Car

It was round two of sudden death on American idol last night and the ladies were up first again this week. We thought only one Latina remained (Tenna Torres) until a stunning performance of Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" by New Orleans native Breanna Steer drove judge Nicki Minaj to ask what her nationality was.

"I'm a lot of things," Steer said. "I'm Honduran, Black, Creole."

"You're giving me sexy on a stick," Minaj said to our newfound Latina.

Steer's performance was so convincing, it even had Keith Urban shaking in his boots.

"I dated a girl like that many years ago," Urban said. “You sang it right, and you made me believe you could literally bust the windows out of my car. Please don't."

Mariah Carey was a fan, too, and applauded Steer for choosing one of her favorite songs. "You're extremely marketable, and gorgeous, and talented and just wow," Carey said.

But it was Liberia-born Zoanette Johnson who really stole the show with a theatrical rendition of the Lion King's “Circle of Life," which got a standing ovation from almost all the judges. (We're pretty sure Carey would've stood up too if her dress weren't so tight. Ai, mami!)

It was one of the first times we saw Minaj in tears.

"You make me so emotional," Minaj said. "I'm proud that this [show] right here gives people like you and me that came from absolutely nothing, from a country we probably didn't think we'd ever make it out alive, a shot."

Johnson joined Steer, Aubrey Cleland, Candice Glover and Janelle Arthur in advancing to the next round. Sweet and smiley country girl, Rachel Hale, was surprisingly sent packing, along with Cristabel Clack, Jett Hermano, Melinda Ademi, and Juliana Chahayed, who put a Jewel-esque spin on Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper."

Were you happy with last night's decisions?