'American Idol' Recap: Ashlee Feliciano Gets Eliminated - Top 40 Revealed

The ladies ran the show on this week’s American Idol! While we were huge fans of Jessica Sanchez last season, she couldn’t beat Philip Philips' appeal on the show. While the judges constantly reminded us that a woman hasn’t claimed the Idol throne since Jordan Sparks six years ago, we were desperately hoping for a Latina to take the stage and rock it!

Thursday's episode started with 47 hopeful contestants and was eventually cut to 20. Out of the crew, we were rooting for Ashlee Feliciano, who wowed us during the first week of New York auditions. Although she performed a decent cover of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, the judges just weren’t feeling it. Guess they aren’t Twilight fans.

“It wasn’t a bold song choice…Music is suppose to be fun! Come on,” said Randy Jackson before the judges decided to give her the boot. Ashlee’s idol journey may have been cut short, but the top 40 were finally confirmed.

Check out the top 40 list here and let us know which contestants you are rooting for!