American Idol Recap: Steven Tyler Says Jessica Sanchez “Will Be the Last One Standing”

The competition intensified as the three remaining finalists Jessica Sanchez, Philip Philips, and Joshua Ledet hit the stage for a triple face-off on last night’s American Idol. The contestants had to perform one song of their choice, and one randomly selected by the judges, J.Lo, Randy Jackson, and Steve Tyler, and vocal coach, Jimmy Lovine. Sanchez decided to cover three legendary tracks from Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and Aerosmith.

Sanchez also visited her hometown of Chula Vista, California. The high school student was hooked up with a helicopter ride home. (Jealous!) She was also welcomed home with a parade. (Jealous, again!) Sanchez then performed for troops and sang her classic “Dance With My Father”, where she was joined on stage by her dad.

When it came to hitting the American Idol stage, the teen mastered her toughest performance yet by covering Carey’s hit melancholic ballad, “My All.” Her range and control were pretty much flawless. After her performance, Tyler predicted, “I think, in a way, you will be the last one standing.” Sanchez, who was wearing a purple prom-worthy ball gown, covered her mouth in amazement.

The 16-year-old also sang Jackson’s “I’ll Be There,” and J.Lo was more than impressed. “Perfect tone in your voice. You almost sounded like Michael coming out of the back there,” she said. But the final cover of the night that really impressed the judges was Sanchez’s performance of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith. Tyler was amazed by her cover and said, “You just took a great song and made it better.” We couldn’t have agreed more!

Watch Jessica Sanchez's Aerosmith performance below and let us know what you think! Was it enough to make her the next Idol?