American Idol Recap: Jessica Sanchez Officially Hits The Top 5!

We have said it since day one: Jessica Sanchez rocks! The half-Mexican contestant is officially part of the top 5 finalists on American Idol. Last night’s episode was all about the 60s and British pop. The 16-year-old may be too young to remember bellbottoms and floral polyester shirts, but she sang a beautiful rendition of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.”

According to J.Lo, Sanchez is an anomaly that we just can’t seem to get enough of – especially after she performed “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker’s."Little bit of Tina, little bit of Beyonce, little bit of I-don't-know-what up there!" said Lopez.

Steve Tyler also showed his psychic abilities after declaring that Sanchez is going to win this season. "You once again showed America just how beautiful your voice is and what a great singer you are. You're gonna be number one, girl," he said. 

Well, I guess it’s a wrap! Watch Jessica Sanchez’s performance below and let us know what you think!